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Kitchen technology, more young people entering the kitchen become possible

editor:admin │ Release time:2018-07-25 
The data shows that young people in first- and second-tier cities cook once every two days, and the average monthly cooking days in third- and fourth-tier cities is 13.6 days. According to iResearch's research data, 70.5% of young users in the purchase of kitchen appliances like to buy new cooking equipment and try new cooking methods; 50% of users choose to buy the best kitchen equipment in the economy.

The new cooking equipment is very curious for young people who are pursuing novelty and experience, both in terms of freshness and practicality. Whether it is a dishwasher that greatly reduces the trouble of washing dishes after meals, or an oven that provides Western cooking methods, young people are Both its effectiveness and performance are greatly appreciated.

After cooking, you can enjoy the gourmet dinner without worrying about washing dirty dishes. If you eat more Chinese cooking, you will want to change the taste. The oven can satisfy this idea: concentrate on preparing ingredients and prepare When you are finished, throw it into the oven and you can let it go. This kind of convenience, taste and taste can make young people feel fresh according to the cooking style.

The value of the kitchen directly determines whether it is cooking for yourself or for takeaway. Compared to kitchens made up of dimly lit, greasy scales, irregular colors, and shapes that are incompatible with each other, modern kitchens with regular, uniform tones are simply clear. The matching of all kinds of kitchen appliances should not only pay attention to its practicality, but also maintain the uniformity of tonality. Therefore, paying attention to the kitchen with the same color tone, there will be no more matching red eyes with green, earthy yellow and blue.

Emphasizing personalization and ergonomics is a development direction of modern kitchens. The entire kitchen should be designed according to the user's color preferences, usage habits, cultural preferences, etc., through the size and specification of the whole cabinet to reduce the physical loss and muscle fatigue of the human body, in order to create a kitchen environment that meets people's cooking habits. In other words, we don't have to adjust our body to cook at all times. We don't have to worry about slamming the range hood when cooking, no need to bend over frequently, and all kinds of kitchen utensils have been adjusted according to your personal height and usage preferences. Best location. The kitchen changes are conveying a new concept: cooking can be very elegant.